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Due to our dedicated server being wiped due to a bug on OVH's behalf we're afraid that everyone must signup again for the tournament, as we lost all of the old names below you can read the new dates, template and such. Sorry about this issue!



Team Name:

Team Players: 



Team Name: Koala

Team Players: Twistaar_, Bladian



We are happy to announce that SerenityPvP will be hosting a cash prize tournament with a total prize pool of $100 for the winning team, don't worry this Tournament will actually go ahead, and not cancelled like last time, which I am extremely sorry for. 
This tournament will be a 2v2 BUILD UHC Tournament, held on a separate server (not Training), the prize pool will be split between both members of the winning team.
Date and Time:
The group stages will be hosted on December 10 2016 at 14:00 PM UTC
The final bracket will be hosted on December 12, 2016 at 14:00 PM UTC
Signups will be closed at 11:59 PM UTC on December 9th
All network rules apply, though anyone caught using unfair advantages will be IP banned from the network.
If your teammate is caught cheating you will be punished too.
We reserve the right to Screenshare any player in the tournament, as many times as we want.
Lagging to an extent in which it gives you an unfair advantage we have the right to disqualify you and your teammate.
You may practice on the current Training server, good luck!
- The Administration Team.


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So Serenity is still a continuous growing network so were introducing a few new community based features. The first one being a Public Discord which you can all join and talk with other members here:

Discord (Click ME!)

We will be adding a Bot to sync ranks when we release V3 (Same with the Teamspeak too) but we believe you should be able to come and hang with the Staff and Community. All Rules in-game are the same on the Discord with a few added below. Breaking these Rules will result in a Kick or a Ban. We can Update these Rules at any Time!


  • Do Not Tag (@Twist) Staff Members 
  • Excescively Spamming will result in a Punishment
  • Do not make / message Innapropriate Names / Messages 

We hope you enjoy using the Discord and will keep helping the Community Grow for the other New Features. 

Any Bugs / Issues with the Discord please Message Kieran (Kieran#8289)

SerenityNetwork cool

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Season 1 of UHC is almost at an end, therefore we'll beginning Season 2 soon. 

Before the end there will be a UHC champions game where the best from our statistics will be able to participate in the game. 

Below you'll find information how to you could have participated in Serenity UHC Champions. 


- 2+ Wins 
- 10+ Kills  
- Not be banned on the network


The event will happen on Friday the 9th at 19:00 UTC, where we'll whitelist anyone who has the requirements to join the champions game.

The same rules apply for every UHC.

As always cleaning is allowed, but since this is a pretty big event, we'd like a minimum of fair play and good sportmanship


The winner will receive a Serenity rank, which will be added to one of his accounts

Good luck UHC'ers. 

- Bladian 

04 Dec 2016, 01:03 1 | 18

Si quieres unirte a un UHC es bastante simple, esta guía fue creada para aquellos que están confundidos por nuestro proceso.


En primer lugar, usted tiene que entrar en el twitter de serenity para ver todos los UHCs.


He aquí un post/tweet de ejemplo.




Ahora todo lo que necesitas está en el siguiente post.


El tiempo en UTC se puede encontrar en este enlace:


La whitelist off será en la hora indicada, a menos que tengas un rango, en ese caso puedes unirte antes de la whitelist.


En el ejemplo anterior el servidor es EUUHC2, lo que significa que al hacer clic en la parte UHC (en minecraft), debe entrar en el servidor 2.


Los jugadores que pueden haber por team se muestran al lado del servidor (EUUHC2). En este caso es un FFA, pero si alguna vez quieres jugar a un juego de equipo (team), verás un To #.


Los modos de juego (scenarios) se dicen después del tamaño del equipo. En este caso, es CC LL HL, que son abreviaturas de CutClean, LuckyLeaves y Horseless. Usted puede preguntar en twitter si no entiende una abreviatura / un modo de juego


La parte de las estadísticas, hagas lo que hagas usted va a ganar estadísticas, tales como triunfos (wins), etc ... que agrega una parte competitiva al servidor.


El host, es el nombre que recibe el jugador que va a hostear el UHC, él es el que controlará los juegos, y se asegurará de que todo funcione sin problemas.



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[ENG] Joining a UHC


If you want to join a UHC it's quite simple, this guide was created for those who are confused by our process.


First of all you want to check the serenity twitter for all the times.


Here's an example post.




Now everything you need here is in the following post.


The time in UTC can be found using this link:


The whitelist off will be at that time, unless you have a donator rank, in that case you can join before the whitelist.


The server is EUUHC2, which means when you click the UHC part, you join the UHC server, in this case EUUHC2.


The team sizes are said after which UHC server. In this case it's an FFA, but if you ever want to play a team games, you'll see a To#.


The gamemodes are said after the team size. In this case, it's CC LL HL, which are abbreviations for CutClean, LuckyLeaves and Horseless. You can ask the twitter if you don't understand an abbreviation / a gamemodes.


The stats part, states whether or not you'll gain stats in this game, such as wins and etc... which adds a competitive part to the server.


The host, is the name of the player who will host a UHC, he's the one who will control the games, and make sure everything runs smoothly.


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